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Dating has long been embedded in the story of the world. The process of dating is the foundation of marriage and relationships, which are key elements required for man’s procreation and the perpetual development of humankind. In other words, dating ensures the continuation of our species on planet Earth. Dating has gone through various evolutions at different times in history. In contemporary times, technological advancements and the digital age have changed the landscape of the dating stratosphere for good. Through the easy click of a button, a man or woman can find a life partner for good.

Like most countries in the advanced world, online dating seeped into the UK in the mid 1990s, with the advent of the internet. Online dating has definitely been a mix of both terrific and horrific experiences, as most people have found love and built great relationships, others only have horror and woeful stories that have inadvertently scarred them for life. Due to legal troubles that include online fraud, disparity across several platforms, deceptive profiles, private information exposed, and the possible dangers that accompany meetings with total strangers, online dating has witnessed a considerable decline within the populace.

For black men and women, exploring through online dating apps can become another version of a nightmare, especially when they come in contact with racists, or messages with racist undertones, or non-black folks who have minds that are alarmingly steeped deeply in false stereotypes. Many black men and women have to deal with exoticism, as well as the other dangers present in online dating. As if these factors aren’t enough to contribute to distrust and fear, the unprecedented Covid19 pandemic that had swept through our world like an overwhelming avalanche has created the urgency to stay safe in order to stay alive.

If you are a black man or woman in the UK who is skeptical about online dating or dating apps in general due to the aforementioned reasons, then you should take a more realistic, practical, yet sophisticated and professional method to finding your dream date. If this is you, then Single Black Dating is just perfectly tailored to suit your needs

Exclusively established for professional black singles between the ages between 23-55, who are looking for genuine, long term relationships. We take out time to conduct background and identity checks on all incoming members, and afterward, we conduct thorough interviews. This is why our platform is for black single professionals and we introduce members through high quality video link.