Meet the Team


Jake Kwaku linkedin1

SingleBlackDating Founder and CEO 

He founded SingleBlackDating in 2020 and since then he has continued his mission in assisting the most exceptional single black professionals around world find a genuine life partner.

Kwaku has degree in business and marketing with an interest in business, technology and finance.

Kwaku’s vision as a founder is building the organisation, growing the business and improving team dynamics. He is also most known for his abilities to align strategy with operations and drive results proving Kwaku to be a consequential asset to the SingleBlackDating team.

Described by clients as being calm, compassionate, warm and easy going.

If you are someone that has everything in life, except for what matters most – love; I will invite you to call us or fill a form on our website. We’d like to get to know you and introduce you to the love of your life.


Priscilla Donkor linkedin1

Project Manager / Matchmaker

Priscilla has acquired a wealth of experience in the Customer Service and hospitality industry. 

She studied at Middlesex University, attaining a degree in Business Accounting which contributes to her natural flair for business. 

Her role as Project Manager/ Matchmaker encompasses planning and overseeing of projects as well as team leadership. 

In her spare time, she is a keen cook, enjoys keeping fit and loves to travel. 

Her motto in life is to recognise every interaction as an opportunity to make a positive impact on others; and with that said, she aspires to create an experience that will transform the lives of many single black professionals. 

In an era where dating has become challenging for many, Priscilla’s aim on providing a quality service, along with her professional and friendly approach, makes her highly valuable member within the single black dating team. 


Alicia linkedin1


Alicia has gained experience from previous Business Development Management/Account Management/Foreign currency experience across many industries including marketing, finance & accounting, and aviation.

She has a multifaceted background abroad studying at University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg), attaining a Bachelor’s in Finance & Banking, a first Master’s in Foreign Languages and International Affairs at University of Lorraine (France), and a second Master’s in Strategic Marketing at London School of Business and Finance (UK). This pathway has contributed to her developing a client-led approach ensuring anyone in her network feels the difference and is fully satisfied when leaving the conversation room.

Her role as a Matchmaker encompasses personally guiding single black professionals through their membership and helping them find what matters the most, the love of their life.

In her spare time, she is a gospel singer and translator, enjoys cooking, loves to travel and learn about foreign cultures. Little secret, she is fluent in 8 languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Luxembourgish, Portuguese, Lingala and Kikongo).

She believes everyone has a dream and she would bend over backwards to help any individual/ single black professional to make that come true.

Striving to bring 100% to the work she does, her goal as a professional in the dating industry is to always build strong, long term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients alike and give back to society, making her a highly valuable member within the single black dating team.